Principal’s Message



Dear parents,

                        Welcome toSaint Umar Academy School Of Excellence “founded by “ Islamia Karimia Society  Indore.

We at “Saint Umar Academy School Of Excellency “aim at the holistic development of our students and an enriched quality of life .We set the highest standards of academic achievement ,intellectual growth ,ethics ,sportsmanship and other good qualities in our students. This is a school which actively practices and lives every word of its Vision and Mission.By combining the very best in education practices powered and propelled by a philosophy of education that is eclectic and truly modern, we have designed a curriculum to empower and evolve a whole new generation.

              “Saint Umar Academy School of Excellence “is a school, which concerns itself with the emotional comfort of the children. There is an unparalleled atmosphere of “Fun Learning “with exciting activities, to develop a multi-faceted personality .We strive to make each child a complete human being, self confident, inquiring and tolerant, who will be an asset to the society, nation and world wide .It is truly said,” Where the mind of learners is without fear and their quest for knowledge is high “.

Above all our teachers play a key role in the student’s lives .Supporting them mentoring them continuously to realize their dreams. “Saint Umar Academy School of Excellence teachers look up to their profession as their –life calling .I welcome you all to “Saint Umar Academy School of Excellence

Family and together we shall build the most promising future for our “dear children”.